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Paula Reybitz

  • Founder of Becoming Belonging - Working with professionals who are multicultural in identity or living multiculturally to find more joy & meaning - belonging in their life.
  • CEO & Multicultural Identity Transformation Coach
  • MSc Clinical Integrative Psychotherapist
  • MSc International Business Management: Cross-Cultural Negotitions

Welcome. I believe life is a story we tell ourselves. 

A lived experience of our memories, behaviours and relationships with others and the world. Sometimes we find ourselves reliving parts of the story over and over again and it can become painful.

We can feel stuck not knowing what to change. Many times, we learn these stories in childhood and then get caught in negative loops as adults. I offer a place to reflect, understand and change the part of the story that causes pain. Finding belonging in ourselves from the inside out.

It can be difficult and lonely when we are stuck in a loop.  I will sit with you, alongside, while we explore your story together in a safe non-judgmental space. We will dream a new path that honours your needs.  Practicing new story lines that positively change your life, bringing joy & meaning - Becoming Belonging.

The Way I Work:

The space I offer is rooted in science and research.  I teach you about neuroscience and how to follow body-based trauma research to support a safe processing of emotions. A securely attached, safe, relationship is scientifically proven to have healing physical impact on your brain/ body overall mental health.  Like a good physical workout, psychological change can also be a place to maintain your mental health. I tailor our space to you and offer community place of a journey hidden and dealt with alone.

I tailor my working practice (psychotherapy, research and lived experience) skills to your uniqueness. This offers a space for integrated inner transformation. The ultimate goal is that you find a story line that allows you to be yourself, your true self. Honouring and owning your story in life from the inside out.

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“When we can see ourselves as we truly are and accept ourselves, we build the necessary foundation for self-love…we depend on the presence of a loving environment. Self love cannot flourish in isolation.”

- Bell Hooks, All About Love -

My lived experience & why I do this work:

As someone who is blended cultural heritage who's life has told a story, this is the work I have been called to do in the world. I have lived in three countries and speak multiple languages as well as learned how to navigate my multiple cultures. I offer you a space where we will dream stories that will change your life. Opening it to more joy & meaning, leading to a deeper sense of belonging from the inside out.

I have studied for most of my life multicultural themes to try to find my sense of belonging. As a white passing, blended cultural heritage body of culture I was always feeling outside, outskirts, hidden in social spaces. I trained in cross-cultural negotiations, MSc International Business Management, MSc Integrative Psychotherapy to build a my knowledge and understand how culture impacts our sense of self and belonging.

My work in the NHS in an IAPT Service (Primary Care Mental Health) in the Multi-Ethnic Unit at Waterloo Community Counselling and as a leader in London (Lambeth Portuguese Wellbeing Partnership) Portuguese community have taught me beyond the academic learning.

What I learned was the embodied somatic experience provides unique knowledge that comes from the inside out. Academic learning is not the key, rather experiencing ourselves and our story safely in community provides the healing and inner transformation that people of blended cultural heritage often seek - Belonging.

All people are worthy of respect. I acknowledge and value the emotional pain and distress caused by racism, oppression and cultural conditioning in society. I have trained with Education for Racial Equity and am active in Black Octopus Society with Resmaa Menakem to face my own internal and external oppression.

Why you may feel called to transform:

Have you ever had an experience where family crossed a boundary? As an adult you feel you lose your sense of direction? Or the feeling that as hard as you try, you just don't feel like you belong or see yourself reflected in the world.

You may have an inner sense of safety in hiding, not knowing others who are like you, feel like life is a struggle and something needs to change.

These are ways in which you can begin to understand your readiness for inner transformation that can change your life.

You are Welcome AND You Belong - if you let yourself, Just Begin!

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Multicultural Transformation Coaching

I coach ​multicultural blended cultural heritage working professionals who struggle ​with self judgement, hidden insecurities, or lack of confidence for who they are and where they​ belong​. I support​ transforming from inside out to find more joy & meaning in their personal life and career​, even if they’ve struggled ​​for years in therapy or to break free and know what's next for them in life.

If this is YOU - Just Begin - and join me and book a free call now, I look forward to connecting.

Psychotherapy Sessions

What I can help with:

Abuse, AIDS/HIV, Anger management, Anxiety, Bereavement, Business coaching, Career coaching, Child related issues, Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME, Cultural identity, Depression, Development coaching, Disability, Executive coaching, Health related issues, Identity sense of self, Infertility, Leadership coaching, LGBTQ+ counselling, Life coaching, Loss, Menopause, Mood disorder, Personal development, Pregnancy related issues, Redundancy, Relationships, Self esteem, Sex-related struggles, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Trauma, Vegan allied, Work related stress

The ways in which I work therapeutically can lean into:

Behavioural, Brief therapy, Creative therapy, Eclectic, Emotionally focused therapy, Existential, Family therapy, Gestalt, Humanistic, Integrative, Interpersonal, Jungian, Person centred, Phenomenological, Play therapy, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Psychosynthesis, Relational, Solution focused brief therapy, Systemic, Transactional analysis, Transpersonal.

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