Paula Reybitz

  • MSc Clinical Integrative Psychotherapist
  • MSc International Business Management
  • Founder of London Psychology Org
  • CEO & Intercultural Identity Transformation Coach

Welcome. I believe life is a story we tell ourselves. 

A lived experience of our memories, behaviours and relationships with others and the world. Sometimes we find ourselves reliving parts of the story over and over again and it can become painful.

We can feel stuck not knowing what to change. Many times, we learn these stories in childhood and then get caught in negative loops as adults. Therapy is a place to reflect, understand and change the part of the story that causes us pain.

It can be difficult and lonely when we are stuck in a loop.  I will sit with you, as your therapist, while we explore your story together in a safe non-judgmental space. We will dream a new path that honours your needs.  Practicing new story lines that positively change your life.

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My Therapy Practice

It is rooted in science and research.  I use neuroscience and body-based trauma research to support a safe processing of emotions.  Talking therapy is scientifically proven to have positive physical impact on your brain, body and overall mental health.  Like a good physical workout, therapy can also be a place to maintain your mental health. It is also tailored to you.

I tailor my counselling skills to your uniqueness which is called integrative counselling. The ultimate goal is that you find a story line that allows you to be yourself, your true self. Honouring and owning your story in life.

I Identify as white passing, mixed cultural heritage body of culture. I offer sessions in English and Portuguese (BR).

“Mental health…is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you’re going.” – Noam Shpancer, PhD


I am a certified MSc Clinical Integrative Psychotherapist and hold BA Psychodynamic Integrative Counsellor both awarded by Metanoia Institute.

Memberships: PCE Europe, Psychotherapy & Counselling Union and Counsellors Together UK.

I have experience working in the NHS in an IAPT Service (Primary Care Mental Health) in the Multi-Ethnic Unit at Waterloo Community Counselling.

Ethics and Inclusivity

I follow the UKCP Ethical Guidelines when working with clients. I also ascribe to BAATN's Core values as an ally and white passing body of culture. I welcome gender, sex and relationship diversity in clients particularly those in the LGBTQ+ and trans community.

All people are worthy of respect. I acknowledge and value the emotional pain and distress caused by racism, opression and cultural conditioning including facing my own internal and external opression. 

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Counselling Therapy Sessions

What I can help with:

Abuse, AIDS/HIV, Anger management, Anxiety, Bereavement, Business coaching, Career coaching, Child related issues, Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME, Cultural issues, Depression, Development coaching, Disability, Executive coaching, Health related issues, Identity issues, Infertility, Leadership coaching, LGBTQ+ counselling, Life coaching, Loss, Menopause, Men's issues, Mood disorder, Personal development, Pregnancy related issues, Redundancy, Relationships, Self esteem, Sex-related issues, Sexuality, Spirituality, Stress, Trauma, Vegan allied, Women's issues, Work related issues

Types of therapy:

Behavioural, Brief therapy, Creative therapy, Eclectic, Emotionally focused therapy, Existential, Family therapy, Gestalt, Humanistic, Integrative, Interpersonal, Jungian, Person centred, Phenomenological, Play therapy, Psychoanalytic, Psychodynamic, Psychosynthesis, Relational, Solution focused brief therapy, Systemic, Transactional analysis, Transpersonal

Intercultural Transformation Coaching

I designed a bespoke transformation program called Becoming-Belonging for people from blended cultural heritage only.

I coach working professionals from blended cultural heritage who struggle with anxiety, depression or low confidence, through inner transformation to find more joy and meaning in their personal life and career. Even if they’ve struggled for years with self judgement, hidden insecurities, and even sometimes a lack of confidence for who they really are and where they belong.

If this is YOU - Just Begin - and join me at and let's connect!

Career Coaching

I have an MSc in International Business Management with a specialisation of cross-cultural negotiations. As well as almost a decade working in international consulting.  Specifically, in account management with c-suite executives in fortune 500 companies in Procurement. This expertise allows me first hand experience and knowledge of the pressures of a corporate career. 

I'm able to work with anyone feeling burden out, unhappy, unfulfilled with their career. Understanding the dynamics of teams, career development and imagining a new path with deeper connection and self fulfillment in your career.

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